Labor 2017

Voters will head to the polls this November to elect the next Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General of Virginia, as well as all 100 seats in the House of Delegates. This isn’t just any election. We have an incredible opportunity to make our voices heard and enact real change by electing candidates who support working families. Together, we can elect candidates who will stand with us to protect our freedom to join together and negotiate safe working conditions, better benefits, and a fair return on our work. 

Want to learn more about the labor endorsed candidates in your area or how you can help make sure all Virginia workers get out and vote this November? 

Endorsed Candidates 

Walks & Phone Banks

Virginia AFL-CIO Working PEople Survey

For additional information, please contact us at [email protected] or 804.755.8001


Media Requests:

Please direct all media requests - including requests for interviews, comments, candidate appearances, photos, or logo releases -  to Communications Director,  Gina Maglionico, at [email protected] or 804.349.6119.